His music covers a broad range of styles including bluegrass favorites, popular swing
standards, Irish and Appalachian fiddle tunes, folk and country classics and novelty tunes.
Since 1976 Steve has been performing in a wide variety of settings, from elementary schools
and colleges to major bluegrass festivals and concerts.


You’ve been at the guitar for a while but now you want to get out and play at an open mic
or even in a professional performance. You need to develop a set, get your playing chops
together, build a repertoire and acquire the skills needed to get your songs and guitar
instrumentals across to an audience.

Steve Kaufman provides invaluable drills, licks, scales, chords and exercises to help with your
guitar technique, plus solid advice that will get you primed for solo performing.

You’ll learn arrangements for ten beautiful and challenging tunes in a variety of acoustic
genres - folk, country, bluegrass, Celtic and a “show tune” - that range from easy- to
advanced-intermediate levels. Steve teaches primarily in his trademark flatpicking style, but he
includes two fingerpicking pieces as well. Throughout, he guides you through the finer points
of playing, arranging and performing each of the tunes.

Flatpicking: Amazing Grace. The Water is Wide, Randall Collins, Lament for Lowrie O'da Lea,
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues, Celtic Medley, Alabama Jubilee, June Apple.

Fingerpicking: Freight Train and Grandfather's Clock.

Steve is not only a sensational flatpicker but is also a dedicated instructor who maintains an
extensive teaching and workshop practice. His many instructional videos and CDs are among
Homespun's most popular lessons, and his annual "Steve Kaufman Acoustic Kamp" series
have become a staple of the workshop circuit. Steve's ability to create tasteful and inventive
arrangements in flatpick style has earned him a place as one of America's top guitarists.