Cottage Watch

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If you would like to volunteer or to discuss any aspects of the Cottage Watch (CW) Program, contact Derek Love, CW Coordinator, at 613-623-3541 or e-mail at Derek L. 

The Block Captains act as a liaison between the residents/cottagers within their area and the CW Coordinator. They communicate with residents/cottagers of their area to become familiar with usual activity patterns. Block Captains also encourage new residents/cottagers to become involved in the Watch. If a break and enter, acts of vandalism or other situations have occurred, the Block Captains report the incident to the CW Coordinator.


 South Shore Area Block Captains Telephone No
 Lacourse LaneColleen Kirouac
 Lakeshore Road 100 to 248 / Snye Road 1550 to 1700Dan and Nancy Ryan 613-623-7579
 Lakeshore Road 250 to 580Joan Cardiff 613-622-7743
 Snye Road 900 to 1370Arlene and Daniel Grenier 613-868-6335
 Snye Road 890 to California RoadLouise Cardinal 613-623-2426
 Love Hill AreaBill Townsend 613-623-8830
 Keith’s Bluff AreaKen Laverty 613-715-2410
 North Shore Area  
 McAllister Lane / Peneshula Rd to Stewart’s Landing /
 Cedar Cove Road
John Magill 613-623-9239
 Juniper Ridge / Peneshula Rd to Peter’s Point, Butternut LaneAl Jones 613-622-0494
 Echo Point Lane / Donnelly LaneMelanie Venasse 613-623-4952
 Centennial LaneBrian and Karen Cairns 613-623-6448
 Wabalac Road Conrad Grégoire 613-408-7820
 Windy Point Road / Ellis Woods RoadJane Cronin
 VACANT Areas  
 Snye Road 1380 to 1544 Vacant 
 3 Mile Bay Road area Not Applicable 
 Pickerel Bay Road Vacant 
 Windy Point Side Road Vacant