About the lake

The name White Lake (WL), a literal translation of the Algonquin term ‘’waba sagaigun’’, is believed to have been derived from the white marl (deposits of calcium) covering large portions of the lake substrate. Situated approximately 65 km southwest of Ottawa, the lake covers an area of 23 square km or 2,300 hectares. It is approximately 16 km long. White Lake is a relatively shallow lake, over 90% of it is designated as littoral indicating the majority of the lake is comprised of marshes or nearshore areas. There is a total of 98 km of shoreline, not including the shorelines of the many islands. A number of fish species are found such as bass, pickerel, sunfish, pike, and perch.

Including all its bays, the lake lies within the jurisdiction of four townships and two counties including: McNab/Braeside, Greater Madawaska (Renfrew County), Lanark Highlands, and Mississippi Mills (Lanark County). Additionally, White Lake falls within the jurisdiction of two Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Districts. The White Lake Dam falls within the administrative boundaries of MNRF Pembroke District, while fisheries management, dam operation and maintenance are performed by MNRF Kemptville District.

White Lake maps are available from André Paquet at a cost of $5. André can be reached by telephone at 613-298-3150 or by email at anpaquet@hotmail.com.