WLPOA Mandate

The White Lake Property Owners Association (WLPOA), an incorporated non-profit organization, is dedicated to the betterment of the lake and its community.

WLPOA History

The association began in August 1986 when a group of land owners met to discuss negotiations with the Ministry of Natural Resources to purchase the vacant land separating their lots from the recently constructed Snye Road. Since the completion of the road in 1976 all individual attempts had failed, it was thought that a group effort may be more successful. The group was called Snye Road Property Owners Association. In 1987, it was decided to expand the membership to everyone in the White Lake area of Darling Township. The name became White Lake Property Owners Association (WLPOA). The primary purpose was to act as a unified voice representing this area geographically separated from the rest of the township. The Association would act as an advocate at all levels of government and keep its members informed of goings on at Council meetings. The first board of Directors was composed of seven executives. The Constitution was adopted in September 1988 and amended in November 1988, August 1997, September 2002 and September 2003. The Association was incorporated in September 1988. The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in the summer of 1988 at the Women’s Institute Hall in the village. Subsequent AGMs were moved to Cedar Cove Resort, then to Station 5 Fire Hall on Snye Road. Since August 2014, the AGMs are held at the Darling White Lake Centre (DWLC).

Over the years, the Association kept a harmonious relationship with the Council of Lanark Highlands. A number of successful initiatives, such as the establishment of a volunteer fire department and the construction of the DWLC, were undertaken in collaboration with the township. Water testing by WLPOA was taken over in the early 1990’s from a volunteer group who started to do sampling in the 1960’s. As of 2016, testing is done in collaboration with the White Lake Preservation Project (WLPP) to ensure the long term health of the lake.

The association published two books, the first one is titled White Lake the Early Years, the second is White Lake the later years. The books can be purchased from our Treasurer for $3 each. WLPOA organizes a number of initiatives and activities such as the buoys program, earth day, the annual golf tournament, merry mingles, spring flings, the July 1st flotilla, and a number of fundraisers. Consult the calendar of events to find out what took place in the past as well as what is coming up. New members and volunteers interested to actively contribute to the well-being of the community are always welcome.

Presidents of the Association

2020 to present Sue Munro

2017 -2020 Claire Martel

2001 - 2017 Dan Ryan

2000 - 2001 Bruce Brenot

1997 - 2000 Brian Roberts

1993 - 1996 Ed Cinkant

1987 -1993 Jerry Trudeau