Marker Buoys

The Program

Each summer, to increase safety, volunteers put markers in the lake, in the following areas: 3 Mile Bay, Hardwood Island, Sunset Bay and Pickerel Bay. The markers, originally purchased at a cost of $39 each (excluding taxes and shipping), are large, easily visible, and approved by Transport Canada. We would like to ask residents that if they see any markers missing, or one has gone afloat, to contact a Director so we can take care of it.

Please be reminded although an effort is being made to mark the lake hazards, the WLPOA is not responsible to ensure all hazards are marked or continue to be marked. Every individual operator of a watercraft is solely responsible for safe boating including the avoidance of any water hazards.

By mid October it is time to remove the markers, each being replaced with a bleach bottle for the winter season. Again, please use caution during this process, and take note of any that may have gone astray.

The tentative date for the markers to be put back in the water is mid-May. If you feel there is a spot that is not well marked, or there is a spot not marked at all (and should be) please contact a Director. If you notice any other possible hazards (at any time), such as dead heads, logs, etc., we will consider removing them as well.

The Sponsors

Thanks to the generosity of the members listed below. In 2012, WLPOA was able to replace all of the old Indicators with new Buoys. The price of each new buoy was $39 (excluding taxes and shipping). The response was fantastic, we even had to turn down many offers once the program was completely funded. Thanks for all your support.

    • Anderson, John and Louise

    • Bull, David and Wendy

    • Cairns, Brian, Karen, Robin and Taylor

    • Cardiff, Garry and Joan

    • Connelly, Ron and Jane Cronin

    • Geier, Ed and Sandy

    • Grenier, Daniel and Arlene

    • Irwin, Wayne and Mona

    • Johri, Mira and Andreas Warburton

    • Kurz, Gunter and Christel

    • Love, Derek and Nancy Burrows

    • Monette, Ray and Joyce

    • Oscroft, Keith and Janina

    • Paquet, André and Claire

    • Patterson, Mark and Wendy

    • Porter, Nelson and Bette Robinson

    • Raaphorst, Peter and Ginette

    • Ryan, Dan and Nancy

    • Stark, Bob and Patty

    • Sterling, George and Gina Zappa

    • Venasse, Peter and Melanie

    • White Lake Marina – Andra and Peter Bettencourt

    • Map below indicates where buoys, identified by yellow squares, are located. Click on the picture and enlarge it to view details. Under the chart viewer section of the website you can find detailed information on White Lake.